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Nasal Steamer

Nasal Steamer

The Mypurmist Steam Inhaler provides is a completely natural nasal congestion relief designed to give you the relief you need to ease your blocked nasal passage, and in the most convenient and painless manner.

Certain seasons or environmental pollutants cause an increase in the number of allergens floating about in the air causing hay fever. Having a cold, or flu, will also usually cause nasal congestion through the build-up of mucus in the nasal passages.

This congestion can range from mild to severe, causing severe discomfort and disruption to your daily activities. Whatever the level of severity, nasal congestion is uncomfortable and can lead to other complications such as sinusitis .

An effective and increasingly popular way to wash away the environmental pollutants and allergens, relieve inflammation and ease nasal congestion is to use the Mypurmist steam inhaler, which offers natural and effective relief.

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Benefits of Steam Inhalation

If you are suffering from nasal allergies such as hayfever, cold,or flu, steam inhalation offers a soothing way to relieve inflammation and act as a natural expectorant allowing the mucous to drain, to provide relief from congestion.

In addition, it leaves you feeling relaxed and able to go about your day-to-day activities without much discomfort.

Another real advantage to the Mypurmist Steam Inhaler is that it can be taken anywhere, and can be used any time, making it a convenient and effective natural treatment for blocked nasal passages and sinuses. As it is cordless, it does not depend on any plug-in to be able to function, allowing you the freedom to obtain instant relief wherever you may be.

Our Mypurmist steam inhaler is a hand-held nasal steamer that is designed to deliver ultra pure fine mist that you can set at just the right temperature for you. By placing a the attached mask over the nose and mouth, the fine mist is delivered directly into your nasal passage, bringing natural relief of your symptoms.

The in-built HEPA filtration system effectively filters out dust mites, pollen, mould and other allergens, to deliver pure air, mixed into the fine mist, to further decrease your chances of  irritation of the nasal passages.

Last Word

Using a nasal mist machine such as the Mypurmist Steam Inhaler does offer natural and effective relief.

Get in touch with us online to order your Mypurmist steam inhaler, or give us a call on1300 121 316 12 13 16. We are happy to hear from you, and our customer service personnel will gladly answer any queries or concerns you may have.

We deliver for free Australia-wide, for orders over $99, and we offer you a 21-day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with this product.

Handheld Nasal Steamer Relieves Sinus Pressure

If you suffer from allergies throughout the year as a result of hayfever or dust, or if you regularly experience difficulty due to sinus pressure then the Mypurmist portable handheld nasal steamer is the ideal means to find the kind of relief that we expect you have been dreaming of for quite some time.

Those that frequently head to the pharmacy in order to stock up on antihistamines or to try the latest and supposedly greatest nasal spray are most likely familiar with the same old patterns recurring. Initial success is quickly scuppered by side effects and unwanted complications that make things more difficult and challenging than before.

Anybody that has used a nasal spray that contained steroids will likely have experienced complications after a certain amount of time. This can involve the membranes of the nasal passages becoming thinner, leading to bleeding or the presence of blood in the mucus discharge. It’s a terrible complication that need not continue, once you have the appropriate, natural means of addressing the underlying issue.

Our Mypurmist device gently introduces a super fine pure steam vapour to your nasal passageways and directly reaches the sinuses. As such, without any artificial chemicals or ingredients, you can soothe and find relief from those persistent blockages and pains you have been experiencing and look forward to your sinus pressure going away. 

Why Treating Sinus Related Issues is Important 

Countless people throughout the ages turned to steam time and time again in order to relieve the feeling of congestion in their nasal passageways. However, for the vast majority, the method of delivering steam to the sinuses typically involved a steaming hot basin of water and a towel over the head. It’s clumsy and it will usually leave one red-faced and sweating.

When we set out to create a steamer for nose congestion, one of our priorities was to make it user-friendly and suitable for use no matter when and where it was required. The reason being, that while many people are resigned to steaming in the shower or at night after the day’s work is done, the truth is that the time in between can prove to be quite exhausting and has a negative impact on how a person both lives and how they feel about themselves.

Anyone that experiences a reduced quality of life generally feels pretty low and not at their best. This can distract from being as productive as they might like to be, and for those that experience chronic conditions, it can mean absence from work or school, which can also be stressful.

Furthermore, the Mypurmist was developed to relieve the symptoms of hayfever and sinusitis because once you can breathe comfortably, this makes it much more possible to sleep properly. A full night’s rest is essential to our emotional stability and where we frequently experience disturbed sleep, this can lower the defences of our immune system and lead to other problems.

Get Your Steamer For Nose Congestion 

Having the benefit of the Mypurmist portable handheld nasal steamer makes a huge difference to the lives of those that experience sinus pains and problems associated with allergic reactions. The ability to deliver a pure, fine mist of steam directly to your nasal passageways, sinus and throat helps reduce inflammation and promotes more natural bodily functions.

As such, those that have exhausted their patience trying the over the counter and prescription solutions to no avail are encouraged to try the Mypurmist for a natural means to find the relief that they have always hoped for.

Mypurmist is the world's most advanced steam inhaler delivering revolutionary natural therapy for congestion relief. You can count on Mypurmist for symptom relief from sinus congestion, colds, flu and coughs. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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