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For professionals: Overview

Why Steam?

Steam is the recommended approach for natural respiratory relief by doctors and healthcare professionals. Steam is proven to help with the discomfort associated with sinusitis, allergies, cough, colds, flu, and other respiratory conditions. 2 5 12 13

Steam provides sore and dry passages with moisture, while excess pollen and environmental pollutants are cleansed. Soothing vapor eases nasal congestion and sinus pressure by relieving inflammation. A natural mucolytic, steam helps to thin sticky mucus allowing easy clearance of the airways.

Even though steam produced from traditional methods can provide some symptomatic relief, its maximum therapeutic power had not been realized until MyPurMist.

Why MyPurMist?

MyPurMist reinvents steam therapy utilizing breakthrough patented "CFV" hospital technology*. MyPurMist sets a new standard for safety, convenience, speed, and ease of use. MyPurMist provides fast natural relief for people suffering from sinus congestion, colds, or allergies. It is the ONLY handheld steam inhaler that you can use anywhere, anytime. Steam is a doctor recommended natural decongestant used by millions. And steam from MyPurMist is instant so you don't have to wait. It provides instant fine mist that penetrates deep into your sinuses, nose, and throat for superb relief. MyPurMist is 100% Natural (drug-free) therapy.

*CFV technology as used in FDA-cleared PARI Hydrate Omni humidifiers for hospital ventilator therapy