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Real Users

MyPurMist Testimonials - Real users

  • Kimberly, Illinois

    "I used it for days and it relieved my sinus congestion, I was very happy with the results."

  • Vimal, California

    "I used it for days and it relieved my sinus congestion, I was very happy with the results."

  • Donna, Missouri

    "The treatment worked well and did give relief of congestion and soothes sensitive nasal passages and throat. The unit was easy to fill and use. My kids had colds and they felt better after using the treatment. They breathed easier and felt the treatment really helped them."

  • Adrianna, North Carolina

    "I think this product works great for people with sinus congestion or a stuffy nose. It really helps clear all that up and open your nasal passages."

  • Kristen, New York

    "This experience has been truly amazing!!!! I constantly fight with infections and am not a person that can handle traditional medicines. It is so nice to not have to resort to traditional medicines to get rid of sinus infections and take the chance on throwing my system into complete turmoil. This is an amazing product."

  • Kathryn, California

    "I can breathe so much better now that I use MyPurMist. This thing works great!"

* All testimonials are from real MyPurMist users sharing their experience. No compensation was provided.


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