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Voice Steamer For Singers

Voice Steamer

Every singer knows the frustration of dry vocal cords and the problems that can result from this condition.

Steam is a singer's best friend but getting access to steam has historically been something of a challenge. Steam rooms are one way, for example, but this method can be inconvenient, time-consuming, expensive, and maybe even unhygienic in some cases.

Inhaling steam from a bowl of boiled water with a towel over your head a la "Crocodile Dundee" is another tried and tested method, but it's inconvenient and requires you to handle boiling water with the potential for spillages and burns.  Plus it provides an extremely high temperature of steam that cools down very quickly.

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Mypurmist is the most trusted voice steamer for singers

In more recent years steam inhalers have become available to help people overcome symptoms from allergies and nasal congestion. Singers immediately recognized the potential and a whole new market in "voice steamers" was born.

Some of the earlier products on the market – and still some of those available today – had issues with their safety and effectiveness. That's why it's important to choose an industry leading brand like Mypurmist.

Mypurmist is trusted by many of the world's top vocal performers because it is extremely convenient, easy to use, affordable, safe, and (most importantly) it works.

How the Mypurmist voice steamer works

Our voice steamer for singers has a simple design. It's basically a handheld steam inhaler (which houses the re-chargeable battery, on/off switch and temperature control) connected to a nasal mask. Place the mask over nose and mouth and breathe. It’s light weight and can be used anywhere.

Once you activate the steamer, it will create instant fine steam (by a capillary force vapouriser) that is cooled by air that has passed through a HEPA filter.  Together with using double distilled water you are breathing in completely pure, sterile, ultra-fine mist (less than 5 microns) that will hydrate your vocal chords.

Not all steamers have temperature control and the level of safety of the Mypurmist. The Mypurmist steam output temperature can be adusted between 37.7° C and 46.1° C, so you have the convenience of setting the temperature to your liking.

How to use Mypurmist for best results

So, how much time should you use it for and in what circumstances? Use it for 5 to 15 minutes to help keep your vocal chords hydrated whenever and wherever you need to.  In the recording studio to help with tone, clarity and top end or on tour to help sooth tired, irritated chords, on a plane to avoid dehydration (the Mypurmist is FAA approved).

Before a gig, you should make sure you are physically well hydrated, and also indulge in a decent steaming session on the Mypurmist for optimal results.

Before you hit the hay for the night post gig, you might want to give yourself another steam session to help avoid vocal injury.

Buying your Mypurmist steamer directly from us means you'll qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Australia. We're also offering you the opportunity to try the product for 21 days. If you're not totally thrilled with the results, you can return it for a refund.

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Mypurmist is the world's most advanced steam inhaler delivering revolutionary natural therapy for congestion relief. You can count on Mypurmist for symptom relief from sinus congestion, colds, flu and coughs. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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